I Graduated… What Now?

Lessons and advice on the job search from one recent graduate to another.

What Does She Know?

DSCN2313 copyDanielle Terreri knows that if you want something, you have to go after it. She understands that reality is what you make it- no excuses! Asking “what can I do for you?” is the most important question, yet it is rarely thought of. She welcomes all input and encourages everyone to add their personal experiences/opinions/advice to this blog by clicking on the “comment” box below each post.

Quick Facts:

* Graduated from The University of Tennessee in Spring 2009

* BAC in Communication Studies with a Minor in Journalism and Electronic Media

* Has internship experience in Public Relations, Sales, Advertising/Marketing and Social Media Marketing

* Currently residing in Columbus, OH

* Passionate about helping people, public relations and traveling the world

* Never passes up a brownie


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  1. Danielle, I’m twice your age and just starting my own business after 20 years in corporate America. You have such a head start! It’s even tougher to start your business with a family (I have four kids!) to support. But the flexibility and ability to choose what you want to do is awesome! Best wishes for success with your business, your career, and your life!

    Comment by Robin Luymes | December 7, 2009 | Reply

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