I Graduated… What Now?

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Pick Me!

Where is the line between persistence and pesky? I welcome any insight.

During sorority recruitment, girls would send cookie bouquets and sandwich rings to our suite in an attempt to get noticed. This worked. While no chapter would ever admit to this, who wouldn’t be partial to the girl who furnished snack time? We remembered you.

Does this work in the real world?

I recently applied to a position I feel well qualified and very enthused about. (One thing I’ve learned through out this process is to use the term “recent” loosely.) I contacted the director of the department immediately and turned to LinkedIn to find any connection I may have to the company. The director replied to me immediately, which sold me on the company. She has been more than willing to communicate back and forth every few weeks on the status of the position. Taking advice from one professional, I even contacted the HR department. They provided me with the website to check my application status.

So, after six weeks, my status still reads: “your application has been forwarded for review”, and the director is still sorting through applications. HOW DO I GET NOTICED?

I’ve sought out advice from people of all professions. Some tell me to show up at their office and request face-time, some tell me to step it up to a casserole (obviously a sorority sister), and others say to lay low.

My culinary expertise rivals that of a 4 year-old so I am stuck between showing up, and fading into the shadows.

I came across this research that was done a few years back and found it useful. Let me know your opinion!


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