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Look Around Once in a While


Impulsivity has kept me from enjoying this gap period between school and work. Instead of enjoying my flexible schedule and free time, I’ve been fretting over what my next move needs to be. Only last week did some unexpected turn of events lead me to the realization that if you don’t stop to enjoy the moment, it’ll most certainly pass you by!

With my new found outlook I was able to accept that this was not a gap period, but rather an unexpected detour. Not only has my time as a server allowed me to travel and enjoy things I may not have had time for, I’ve recognized how it’s helped me to grow as an individual. Here are some highlights of my lessons learned:


There are some times you have no choice but to be on someone else’s time.


You cannot succeed in any industry, especially the restaurant industry, without working together


You learn to successfully communicate, understand, and work with people of all backgrounds, education, beliefs, values and work ethics.

You will not love everyone you work with

But you will have to learn to work with everyone.


No matter how much you hate your job at any given time, you better be there the next day if you want your paycheck.


There are only so many options on a menu. But, there are endless ways to pitch them. Learn to read people and figure out how to best accommodate them.

How to bite your tongue/pick your battles

The costumer is always right is not a saying- it’s a mind set- and a lifestyle during work hours. Whether a co-worker or a guest, some times it’s better to let things go.

The immediate affects of divisional functioning of an organization

The results of each division of an organization aren’t directly apparent faster than in the restaurant industry. Managers, servers, bartenders, food runners, cooks, chefs and bus staff operate as a unit, each executing their own responsibility in order to run an efficient company.

So, the next time you are stressed and feel like the ship has sailed while you’re still at check-in, take a look around and improvise. I guarantee you can take something positive from the situation. In the meantime,Look there’s always happy hour 🙂


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