I Graduated… What Now?

Lessons and advice on the job search from one recent graduate to another.

May I Have Your Attention?

Are our cover letters and resumes being sent to outer space? Am I the only one that gets 1 response for what seems to be every 100 positions I apply for? Not even an automated response!

While at my waitressing gig tonight, I was offered some well-intended advice from a guest: “You need to just get your resume out there!

As fun as slinging meatballs can be,  if “just getting my resume out there” was all it took, then my passion for public relations would be far more than an aspiration.

After attempting to politely redirect the conversation, the guest continued: “All you need to do is get an entry-level position and you’ll work your way up!

Did my intentions come across as expecting to take over for Daniel Edelman tomorrow?

It takes experience to get an “entry-level” position nowadays. What a catch-22. There are no positions out there for truly “entry-level” professionals, yet we aren’t hired without experience. Hmmm….

Internships? I am on my fourth. Every professional in my chosen industry, although extremely helpful and encouraging, has offered me a different skill that needs to be mastered to be considered for a position. How much mastering does it take to land an “entry-level” position? Because I have gained great experience, skills, and contacts, I  continue to welcome unpaid internships.

Networking? I continue to connect with people I believe to be knowledgeable, respectable, and successful. I’ve gained so much valuable insight and suggestions, yet I’m still slinging-meatballs.

Here are some things I’ve found useful in gaining employers’ attention:

  • People WANT to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and opinions and definitely keep in touch with those you’ve connected.
  • I’ve received better responses/feedback from the companies I’ve sought out. Many positions have actually been filled by the time they are listed on the Internet.
  • Contact people in the industry you’re looking to enter into. So far, no one has been bothered by a polite e-mail inquiring about their position/company. In fact, I have yet to not receive a response. Even if there is not a position available, I’ve gained additional knowledge through each contact, as well as a new friendship. Bonus: now you’re on their radar. When a position becomes available, you are more than just a name on a resume.
  • Persistence rarely goes unnoticed.
  • Taking the extra step to follow up with a phone call or an e-mail shows you’re serious about the position and committed to the hiring process. Do a little research to find out the name of the company’s hiring manager, or even go straight to the president. Worst case scenario: no response.

Although I don’t have a solution (but welcome those you may have!) to gaining an entry-level position with little experience, I do know how to gain the attention of professionals. The next time you find yourself checking your email every hour for a response that you may or may not ever receive, why not take the extra step?


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